The Crazy Horse Memorial
IMG 0354
Approaching Crazy Horse Memorial from the highway. It can be seen some miles away because it is so large.
IMG 0419
DSC 0484
Notice the outline of the horse's head.
DSC 0481
The monument was begun in 1948.
IMG 0365
A road leads to the monument. Visitors can take a bus to directly beneath the work zone.
DSC 0486
The sign along the road taken by the short bus tour warns the area is closed to the public when the sculpture is being worked on.
IMG 0366
The memorial is to honor all American Indians.
IMG 0367
The artist, Korczak Ziolkowski, earlier had woked on the Mt. Rushmore Monument. Ziolkowski was already a renowned sculptor and artist when invited to do the Crazy Horse Memorial.
IMG 0391
DSC 0491
The white outline of the horse can be seen on the left of the stone in this photo from beneath the work zone.
DSC 0487
DSC 0488
DSC 0492
For $250.00 a person, a vistor can actually go up to the work area of the monument.
DSC 0494
DSC 0495
DSC 0496
Looking up at the work site of the monument.
IMG 0420