Hoop Dancing Demonstration
DSC 0501
A Lakota Indian lady and her niece demonstrated hoop dancing for the visitors.
IMG 0414
Some of the hoops the dancers will use.
IMG 0416
Laying out the hoops.
IMG 0421
The dancer said that the old name of Sioux for Indians in this part of the country actually was a pejorative used by tribes to the east who disliked the Lakota Indians.
IMG 0429
IMG 0439
Children were invited for a simple dance with the hoops.
IMG 0441
The children hoop dance.
IMG 0445
The end of the hoop dance with the children.
IMG 0447
Explaining the use of hoops to create different animals.
IMG 0448
IMG 0456
The niece beginning her dance. She used only a small number of hoops.
IMG 0463
IMG 0468
IMG 0473
IMG 0479
Five hoops.
DSC 0510
DSC 0511
DSC 0515
IMG 0482
Preparing to dance with 18 hoops.
IMG 0488
IMG 0489
Having earlier told the audience about the different animals and teaching their names in the Lakota language, she created each animal using the hoops in her dance.
IMG 0498
IMG 0504
A trail of hoops depicting the tail of a creature.
IMG 0505
DSC 0523
Both feet in the air.
IMG 0508
She is even holding hoops with her teeth.
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IMG 0510
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IMG 0520
IMG 0525
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IMG 0531