Tea Plantation
The only tea plantation in North America
Visited 6 May 2016
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Distances to other tea-growing countries.
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Before the trolley tour there is a 10-minute presentation in the factory about the processing of tea.
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No longer used for the Lowcountry Loop, this trolley takes visitors around the tea plantation.
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The driver and guide introduces himself as passengers board for the plantatioin tour.
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Looking toward some of the tea plants. Tea requires no fertilizer or pest control. The shrubs thrive as long as the soil and weather conditions are right.
IMG 6282
Young tea plants. When they reach the proper age, they will be transplanted on the land not presently used.
IMG 6284
The young plants require a certain amount of water in order to help them grow and keep them viable before they can be transplanted.
IMG 6281
Close=up of a young plant nearly ready for transplanting.
IMG 6294
Charleston Tea Plantation shop and factory. One may drink free tea inside all day.
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