Center for Birds of Prey
Most birds here have been injured, many by being struck by cars.
Visited 5 May 2016
IMG 6182-01
Main Entrance.
IMG 6186
Gate at Main Entrance to the Center for Birds of Prey.
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DSC 0046
IMG 6002
IMG 6006
Our guide
IMG 5998
Tawny Eagle
DSC 0299
Tawny Eagle.
DSC 0052
Bald Eagle
DSC 0298
Bald Eagle.
DSC 0053
Hooded Vulture
DSC 0058
Turkey Vulture.
DSC 0065-01
Cooper's Hawk
IMG 6016
Swallow-Tailed Kite
DSC 0073
Short-tailed Hawk.
DSC 0079
Rough-legged Hawk.
DSC 0243
Asian Brown Wood Owl
DSC 0245
Ural Owl.
DSC 0279
Ural Owl.
DSC 0247
British Brown Owl.
DSC 0249
African Spotted Owl.
DSC 0252
Chaco Owl.
DSC 0254
Great Horned Owl.
DSC 0256
Eurasian Eagle Owl.
DSC 0259
Savigney's Eagle Owl.
DSC 0281
Barred Owl.
DSC 0283
Crested Caracara
DSC 0285
Peregrine Falcon.
DSC 0287
IMG 6164
Marabou Stork
IMG 6167
Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture.
DSC 0301
Steppe Eagle.
DSC 0263
Grounds where flight demonstrations take place.
DSC 0083
Black-headed vulture in flight. All of the birds involved in flight demonstrations are fitted with telemetry so that they can be tracked if they do not return to their handlers after the flight.
IMG 6022
IMG 6023
IMG 6034
IMG 6035
DSC 0135
IMG 6042
DSC 0148-01
DSC 0150
IMG 6044
IMG 6049
DSC 0158
IMG 6072
IMG 6077-01
DSC 0168
DSC 0180
IMG 6085
IMG 6128
DSC 0231
IMG 6137
DSC 0240
IMG 6142
Your grandparents were able to take a leisurely walk around the grounds to the migratory bird observation platform.
IMG 6177
DSC 0267-01
The saw this unidentified bird that was not part of the collection.
DSC 0269
Appropriately "bombarded," this device tracks the birds who do not return during the flight demonstrations.
DSC 0274-01
Red-winged Blackbird.
DSC 0273
Grandma Bert returning from the migratory bird platform. She is checking her photographs.
IMG 6155
DSC 0276
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