Parris Island Graduation Ceremony
Trip to Parris Island to see our oldest grandson, Chase Carter, graduate from Marine Corps boot camp
4 April 2014
DSC 0778
Across the parade ground troops cleaned in the early morning hours before the ceremony.
DSC 0780
From time-to-time NCOs crossed the parade ground for various, unknown reasons. To be fair, the Marines call it a "parade deck," Grandpa Roy uses Air Force terminology.
DSC 0785
The recruits did not have sabres as this NCO does.
DSC 0781
Recruits who still were undergoing training fomred up for a morning run.
DSC 0782
Across the parade ground the flag was raised.
DSC 0784
Initially, the flag was fully raised.
DSC 0786
The flag was later lowered to half mast. Though no one really knew why, everyone felt it was to honor the three dead soldiers who were murdered at Fort Hood, Texas, a few days earlier.
DSC 0787
When the ceremony began, the United States Marince Corps band was the first unit to appear.
DSC 0792
Graduates wait to march onto the parade ground.
DSC 0797
Key drill instructors form up on the parade ground for the ceremony.
DSC 0794
The Marine Corps official mascot is a bulldog. On the East Coast, he serves at Parris Island. Here he is rendered a salute in keeping with Corps' tradition.
DSC 0796
His name is "Legend."
DSC 0799
"Platoon, halt!"
DSC 0800
Platoon 1120 in formation.
DSC 0802
"Dress right, dress!"
DSC 0812
Chase is the second man in the 4th column from the left. He is barely seen
DSC 0823
DSC 0824
The commanding officer congratulates the graduates.
DSC 0834
Passing in review for the last part of the ceremony.
DSC 0840
Platoon 1120 marches to their spot.
DSC 0842
Platoon 1120. Chase is visible in this photo.
DSC 0862
Chase is in the row on the left, wearing glasses.
DSC 0871
Two platoons of women Marines also graduated.
DSC 0898
Troops have been dismissed, good-byes are said to new comrades and friends and family are about to race onto the parade ground.
Chase with his father, Brian, and his sister Ailene Braese (who is married to a Marine stationed at Quantico, Virginia.
Grandma Bert and Chase after graduation.
Grandpa Roy and Chase after the ceremony.
DSC 0899
A copy of the famous Marine flag raising on Iwo Jima during World War II is at the far end of the parade ground.