Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage
Located in Ridgeland, South Carolina
Visited 13 May 2016
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The Center is located in an old Sinclair gas station and features changing exhibits.
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Sadly, because of the car parked in front of the center, a good pphoto was impossible.
DSC 0112
The old maintenance section now holds part of the exhibit.
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Distances to major towns and cities in the Lowcountry from the Center.
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Known for its Lowcountry Boil and other seafood dishes, Center visitors are invited to pose as Lowcountry cooks.
IMG 6979
Roots: The Lowdown on Lowcountry Cuisine exhibit will be there until 2 February 2017.
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There also are changing exhibits at the Lowcountry Center. When your grandparents were there, it was all about pirates of the Carolinas.
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DSC 0106
Assorted pirate flags.
DSC 0107
Actual pirate's chest on display.
DSC 0105
This print portrays two men fighting to be captain.
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DSC 0103
And finally, a diorama from the Battle of Honey Hill.
DSC 0102
The Honey Hill Battle took place in Ridgeland on 30 November 1864.
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The Battle of Honey Hill was one of the three largest Civil War battles fought in South Carolina and involved black troops.
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Confederate (Rebel) uniform on the left, Union (Yankee) uniform on the right.
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