The Mansion
IMG 5889
View of the mansion from the front. When originally built, this was the rear of the mansion. It was remodeled into the front when the wings were added to the left and right of the house.
DSC 0006
The front porch today.
IMG 5919
The rear of the mansion. Originally, before the two wings were added, it was the front of the house. The Washington Oak can be seen in Grandma Bert's photo at the right end of the house, beyond the present front of the house.
DSC 0002
DSC 1069
The house is pretty much in original condition construction-wise. Only a very few modern nails have been used where necessary to maintain the integrity of the construction.
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DSC 1071-01
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DSC 1073
The guide, also the author of a book about Lowcountry ghosts, speaks to the visitors about this room and its fireplace.
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DSC 1080
DSC 1081
This fireplace had been modified. Archaeologists removed part of the modification to reveal the steps in building the original and then the modification.
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DSC 1083
Grandma Bert reads more information about the house.
DSC 1084
DSC 1085
After the guided tour, visitors were welcome to explore the house on their own.
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DSC 1089
Fireplaces in each room kept residents warm in cold weather.
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CSC 0045
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Wires have been added recently to prevent the ceiling from falling into the first floor of the house.
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