The Grounds near the House
DSC 1068
Trail to the gardens behind the mansion.
CSC 0044
DSC 1076
View of the Washington Oak from inside the mansion.
DSC 0003
The Kitchen House, separateved from the mansion because they so frequently caught fire.
DSC 0004
Daphne was a cook. She appears to have lived in the kitchen.
DSC 0005
The Washington Oak. So called because George Washington stayed at the Hampton Plantation during his trip through the South in 1791. The owner told Washington it was intend to cut down the tree because it spoiled the view. Washington opined he thought it was a beautiful tree and should stay, which it did, of course.
DSC 0007
Alston Chimney. All that remains of a house built by a married couple, the children of former slaves, Prince and Sue Alston.
DSC 0008
DSC 0010
IMG 5893
Slave quarters were built in this area of the plantation.
IMG 5898
IMG 5899
DSC 0011
This path leads to the foundation of slave quarters that is being excavated slowly.
DSC 0012
The foundation undergoing excavation.
DSC 0014
DSC 0015
IMG 5902
DSC 0017
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