2016 Trip
IMG 6374
The Miss Beaufort mermaid. It was one of a series commissioned by Beaufort's Arts Council for Beaufort's Big Swim art project in 2006 and 2007.
IMG 6376
IMG 6415
The restaurant was Plums and the food was delicious!
IMG 6409
It happened to be Mother's Day when your grandparents had supper their first day there. Here Grandpa Roy is enjoying what he said was the best corn bread he had ever eaten.
IMG 6413-01
Plums' chef, demanding but well liked, according to a waitress.
IMG 6416
DSC 0694
IMG 6421
Main entrance to the Parish Church St. Helena, "an Anglican congregation."
IMG 6422-01
The church graveyard. Many tombstones were used as operating tables during the Civil War.
IMG 6423
Brick sepulcher build for a doctor who feared being buried alive.
DSC 0697
His friends promised to place bread, water and an ax in the tomb to ensure his escape. But as your grandparents learned from a parish member, he was definitely dead when he was put inside.
IMG 6426
Another view of the graveyard and church.
DSC 0699
First Presbyterian Church
DSC 0698
IMG 6437
There were wildlife and evidence of the marshes and swamps of the Lowcountry right across the parking lot from the Hampton Inn where your grandparents stayed.
IMG 6454
A beautifully composed shot by Grandma Bert.
IMG 6462
Looking toward town, across the marsh.
IMG 6449-01
A Great Egret.
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