2016 Trip
Visited 3 and 4 May 2016
DSC 1059
A residential street scene.
IMG 5848
Grandma Bert loved how the trees formed a canopy over the streets.
DSC 1036
Kaminski house.
DSC 1035
Kaminski house.
IMG 5837
Looking away from the Kaminski house.
DSC 1033
DSC 1034
DSC 1038
IMG 5840
Wooden carving on display at the small Gullah Museum
DSC 1039
Bumper sticker of the Gullah Museum's curator. He was not Gullah himself, but was from New York.
DSC 1057
The South Carolina Champion Oak. It is estimated to be over 500 years old and is listed with the American Forestry Associates as the state champion.
CSC 0042
All of the good restaurants are along Harborwalk.
DSC 0039
Harborwalk, looking northward.
IMG 5865
Grandpa Roy awaits his meal at the River Room restaurant the first evening in Georgetown, South Carolina.
IMG 5868
Interior view of the River Room restaurant.
IMG 5872
IMG 5873
Front Street entrance to the River Room restaurant.
IMG 5980
Grandpa Roy waiting for his meal at the Big Tuna restaurant.
DSC 0038
Grandma Bert poses while waiting for her meal at Big Tuna.
IMG 5982
IMG 5885
View from your grandparents' room at the Hampton Inn Georgetown-Marina.
IMG 5888
View of the marina from another direction.
IMG 5987
Grandpa Roy didn't want his picture taken at the Hampton Inn.
Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum
Prince Street Homes
Prince Street Homes
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