Harbor Tour
Taken 7 May 2016
DSC 0550
Map of the cruise route. It last an hour and a half.
DSC 0429
The USS Yorktown aircraft carrier seen from the cruise dock in Charleston.
DSC 0503
USS Yorktown seen from the harbor tour.
IMG 6300
DSC 0435
A water taxi.
DSC 0439
IMG 6307
Looking across the bay toward Mount Pleasant and Patriot's Point before the cruise.
IMG 6314
IMG 6316
IMG 6317
DSC 0443
Your grandparents' tour boat, the Carolina Belle.
IMG 6319
Carolina Bell approaching to unload passengers and pick up more, including Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy.
IMG 6320
IMG 6355
Grandpa Roy aboard the Carolina Belle
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DSC 0449
DSC 0450
CSC 0571
CSC 0582
DSC 0454
DSC 0432
The Carnival Ecstasy was preparing to set sail in the afternoon.
DSC 0457
DSC 0467
DSC 0505
Carnival Ecstasy
DSC 0460
Close-up of the Ecstasy's "sail" and water slide.
DSC 0459
DSC 0461
DSC 0462-01
This possibly is Castle Pinckney, the remains of a fort originally built 1809-1810. Grandpa Roy cannot find any photo on the Web that shows the very tall metal framework structure on the island. Castle Pinckney was used as a prison during the Civil War.
DSC 0463
DSC 0464
DSC 0465
The US Custom House as seen from the ship.
DSC 0466
DSC 0468
IMG 6321
DSC 0469
DSC 0471
The Battery, today lined with stately homes. During the early days, cannon and fortifications lined this point of South Charleston
DSC 0474
Homes along The Battery
DSC 0473
Close up of a Battery home.
DSC 0476
Grandpa Roy attempted to photograph a couple dolphins from the boat.
DSC 0478
Grandpa attempted to photograph a dolphin.
DSC 0479
James Island
DSC 0480
James Island
DSC 0481
Homes on James Island
IMG 6325
IMG 6326
DSC 0486
IMG 6329
Fort Sumter
IMG 6330
IMG 6332
DSC 0495
Fort Moultrie, located on Sullivan's Island
DSC 0497
Fort Moultrie. The yellow and black structure is the harbor entrance control post.
DSC 0498
Fort Moultrie. A better view of the harbor entrance control post.
DSC 0496
Homes, shops and water sports share Sullivan's Island with Fort Moultrei.
IMG 6336
IMG 6335
DSC 0501
A squadron of pelicans
DSC 0502
A flotilla of pelicans.
IMG 6342
IMG 6344
Sullivan's Island
IMG 6347
DSC 0504
Charleston skyline.
IMG 6348
Patriot's Point, home of the USS Yorktown, submarine USS Clamagoe, destroyer USS Laffey and the Medal of Honor Museum. All three can be seen in this photo.
IMG 6351
IMG 6353
DSC 0529
Container cranes at the port of Charleston.
DSC 0530
DSC 0531
DSC 0532
The North Carolina Aquarium
DSC 0533
This is the SS Continental Highway, a ship for carrying cars from the US to ports around the world.
DSC 0534
DSC 0548
Another harbor cruise, but without much open deck space.
El Galeón
El Galeón
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