The Provost Dungeon
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Originally the wall kept out water as the building was constructed right on the water. But filling the bay moved the water away. The wall on the right was to keep out the water.
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Model of the oriignal wall around the old city.
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Stede Bonnet, gentleman pirate, awaiting trial. He and his crew were found guilty and hanged.
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Customs clerk.
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The state legislature met here after the Revolutionary War.
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A friendly rat. Real rats were a problem when the dungeon was used in the 18th century.
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Hiding powder. A wall then was constructed to hide the gunpowder. The British never found it. Much of it was still useful when they left.
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Our guide relates tales of the dungeon and its various inhabitants and uses.
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Tea was stored here.
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A print of "Marooned" by Howard Pyle, 1835-1911.
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