Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
South Carolina's most historic building (that's what they say).
Visited 06 May 2016
CSC 0340
DSC 0343
This part of the Exchange once served as a post office.
DSC 0379
End view of the post office.
DSC 0344
Model of the Confederate ship, the CSS Palmetto State. It was funded by the women of Charleston.
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DSC 0349
There was no information on why this clock was removed from a circular wilndow. It still worked when it was removed.
DSC 0347
Miniature version used as a model for a life-sized statue of George Washington that now stands in Charleston's Washington Square next to the city hall.
DSC 0380
Rebecca Brewton Motte, heroine of the American Revolution.
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Rebecca Motte chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meets here.
The Provost Dungeon
The Provost Dungeon
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