Walking Trails
100 2230
Working the crop.
100 2232
This part of South Carolina grew rice in the 19th century.
100 2233
100 2268
Grandpa Roy takes a break, near the snackbar, of course.
100 2278
100 2222
Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy followed the narrative trail that told the story of slaves living in this area before the Civil War.
100 2223
Grandma bundled up for the walk along the narrated trail. It was much colder in 2012 than when your grandparents visited Brookgreen Gardens in 2011.
100 2224
It was an easy trail for Grandpa who was using his cane for this second trip.
100 2225
At different points these sculptures added to the story along the trail.
100 2227
This log remains from a cypress tree that was at least 500 years old when it was cut down about 150 years ago.
100 2229
Grandpa Roy poses with the log.
The Tabox house, built for the gardens' designer, Frank Green Tarbox Jr.
Green and his wife lived in the Tarbox house from 1931 when it was built until 1968, when Tarbox died.
Russell Holliday cottage.
100 2276
Grandma and Grandpa pose on one of the many paths at Brookgreen Gardens.