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The Royal Princess docked at Cobh, which is pronounced "cove."
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Flag of Ireland.
IMG 2688
At the Cobh arbor is this memorial to the sinking of the "unsinkable" Titantic in 1912. Cobh was the Titantic's last port of call before heading to America. It hit an iceberg and sank.
DSC 0839
Buses await excursion passengers on the pier at Cobh.
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Statue of Annie Moore and her brothers. Annie was the first immigrant to be processed through Ellis Island, New York, after it opened in 1892.
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The Cobh Museum, formerly Scots Presbyterian Church
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Carrig House.
IMG 2873
Carrig House.
IMG 2855
St. Colman's Catholic Cathedral, Cobh
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The Town Clock.
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Roches Point.
IMG 2944
The Roches Point lighthouse.
IMG 2946
The Roches Point lighthouse.
IMG 2949
The Roches Point lighthouse.
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