IMG 2990
The Erasmus Bridge crosses the Nieuwe Maas.
IMG 2996
Entering Rotterdam from the harbor area.
IMG 3000
There are sculptures and statues all around Rotterdam.
DSC 0118
This polyester sculpture is nearly 26 feet high and is called "Cascade."
IMG 3002
This sculpture is by Russian artist Naum Gabo us untitled. It is over 60 feet tall and was installed in 1957.
IMG 3013
Statue outside shopping center on Weena Boulevard.
DSC 0161
DSC 0165
DSC 0127-1
"Seated Woman" by Willem De Kooning.
DSC 0132
"Reclining Woman" by Willem De Kooning.
DSC 0136
DSC 0604
DSC 0609
DSC 0123
City hall.
IMG 3005
Rotterdam was destroyed during World War II. Nearly every building, such as this Hilton hotel, is of modern construction.
IMG 3007
DSC 0600
Rotterdam zoo.
DSC 0599
Rotterdam zoo.