Canal Boat Cruise
These photos are of the canal proper, other boats on the canal and subjects that only can be viewed from a canal boat. The sites your grandparents saw and photographed from the boat are in the other section.
IMG 3349
Just one of the locations from which tourists could take a canal boat cruise.
IMG 3352
IMG 3334
Boats frequently were crowded, making some photography almost impossible.
IMG 3244
The canal flows through the heart of Ghent's old city.
IMG 3288
IMG 3307
IMG 3337
DSC 0742
IMG 3259
Some sights could only be seen and appreciated from a canal boat.
IMG 3293
DSC 0721
DSC 0684
IMG 3255
Guide and boat driver in Ghent.
IMG 3295
There were, of course, different types of canal boats.
IMG 3305
IMG 3263
DSC 0767
IMG 3313
DSC 0768
IMG 3317
After the canal boat cruise.
IMG 3290