IMG 2620
Map, showing where the geysers are located.
IMG 2622
One of the many geysers (caldera) in this part of the island.
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DSC 0719 (2)
IMG 2629
Grandpa and Grandma's friends, Bill and Isabel view the geysers.
IMG 2628
DSC 0723 (2)
Not smoke, but steam billows up from the geysers. The smell of sulphur is in the air.
DSC 0724
IMG 2630
DSC 0725
IMG 2626
DSC 0729 (2)
The geysers are given names.
DSC 0730
DSC 0726 (2)
Boiling water from the depths of the earth.
DSC 0721 (2)
IMG 2624
The crowd was being spied on. Grandma Bert took a photo.
DSC 0731
Video of the naturally boiling water of a caldera.