birds belize011
These three different birds greeted your grandparents as they entered the Belize River.
birds belize023
A Blue Heron hunts for fish in the Belize River
birds belize025
Look how wide the wings are on the blue heron when it flies. Notice how its feet are tucked up next to its body?
birds belize026
A blue heron looks for fish in the Belize River.
birds belize027
Another blue heron along the Belize River.
birds belize029
Grandpa's best photo of the blue heron in Belize.
birds belize032
A boat tailed grackle in Belize.
birds belize037
Another boat taled grackle in Belize.
birds belize033
A snowy egret in Belize.
birds belize034
More snowy egrets. They were common in Belize.
birds belize031
Grandpa Roy has no idea what kind of bird this is.
birds belize039
Another unidentified, yet different, bird in Belize.
birds belize040
A green parrot along the Belize River
birds belize041
Two parrots in a tree along the Belize River.
birds belize043
How many parrots can you count in the trees?
birds panama-001
A roof full of birds in Panama.
birds panama-002
An unidentified bird rests in Panama.
birds panama-003
Another Panamanian bird.
birds panama-006
A pelican flies overhead on the Pacific Ocean side of Panama
birds panama-007
Another pelican flies close to the water in Panama.
birds panama-010
This bird is upset at something in Panama.