belize 092
Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy are in Belize.
belize 002
They had to take a small boat such as this from the ship to the shore.
belize 004
This man was the guide on the river and to the ruins at Altun Ha.
belize 005
Part of the city of Belize in the country called Belize.
belize 007
Part of the docks in Belize City, Belize.
belize 019
Dolphins in the Belize River.
belize 020
Grandpa Roy called these guys the Belize navy.
belize 033
A view along the Belize River.
belize 034
A young crocodile along the Belize River sunning himself. Do you think he'll bite?
belize 036
A nice home along the Belize River.
belize 040
Some colorul homes along the Belize River
belize 038
An iguana sunning itself along the Belize River.
belize 044
Another, larger male iguana along the Belize River
belize 048
A really large male iguana. It looks like a dragon, doesn't it?
belize 053
This man is setting traps. What do you think he will catch?
belize 059
Howler monkeys are hiding in the trees. Can you see them?
belize 060
These bats are trying to sleep while clinging to the side of a bridge on the Belize River.
belize 063
There were boat races on the Belize River and Grandma was able to buy some souveniers here.
belize 093
Grandma and Grandpa were leaving Belize and passed this lighthouse.