Rarely Seen Family Photos
Photos of family, ancestors and friends unseen for a while.
Probably taken around Christmas or New Years of 1989 into 1990. Left to right are Great Grandpa Chase, Great Uncle Tim, Grandpa Roy and Great Grandma Teenie.
Granpa's birthday in January 1990, a few years before there even were any grandchildren. Aunt Kelly and her friend Lisa Thomas.
Left to right are Grandpa Roy, Grandma Bert, Aunt Kelly, Great Aunt Sue, and Great Uncle Andy (barely visible) in 1989.
bert mary 01
Grandma Bert and her good friend, Mary McCoach, at an airshow in 1988.
Aunt Kelly graduates from high school, June 1987.
Easter, 1990.
Easter, 1990, Great Uncle Tim and Great Grandpa Chase.
Summer 1990, Aunt Terri married Brian Carter.
Aunt Terri and Brian Carter on their wedding day in 1990.
Millie Barnes 1991 Andrews Show
Millie Barnes at the Andrews Air Force Base Airshow in May 1991.
Summer, 1988, Great Grandma Mart, Aunt Kelly, Great Grandpa Chase, Great Grandma Teenie and Grandpa Roy pose at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Eldersburg, Maryland. Aunt Kelly's head is partly shaved because she recently had returned home from the hospital. She had been in a bad accident on the Baltimore Beltway after leaving fireworks the night of the 4th of July.
Aunt Kelly's "bald spot" can be seen well in this photo that includes Grandma Bert while Grandpa Roy takes the picture.
From left to right, Great Grandma Teenie, Great Grandpa Chase, Grandma Bert, Great Uncle Bill, Great Aunt Deborah and Second Cousin Danny pose in summer 1988 in Southington, Ohio.
From left to right, Grandpa Roy, Great Grandma Teenie, Great Grandpa Chase, Great Aunt Deborah , Great Uncle Bill, and Second Cousin Danny pose in summer 1988 in Southington, Ohio
Taken in Southington, Ohio, the summer of 1988, left to right are Grandpa Roy, Grandma Bert, Great Grandma Teenie, Great Aunt Deborah and Great Uncle Bill.
Spring 1990, Great Grandpa Chase in thought, Southington, Ohio.
Aunt Kelly is happy on her birthday, 1990. How old was she in this photo?
Great Grandpa Andy at a car show in the summer of 1989.
Probably Thanksgiving, 1989, in Eldersburg, Maryland. In the foreground is Lisa Thomas. Her husband, a policeman, is next to her and at the right rear is Great Grandma Teenie.
Christmas 1989 in Eldersburg, Maryland. Left to right are Great Grandpa Andy, Great Grandma Margarete, unknown friend of Great Uncle Rodney, Great Uncle Rodney and Aunt Kelly.
Eldersburg, 1989, in the foreground are David and Danny McCoach and to their left, Mary McCoach, Grandma Bert's good friend. Across the table from right to left are Aunt Terri, Brian Carter, Great Grandpa Owen Mueller, Great Grandma Bertha Mueller, and Grandma Bert in the shadows.
New Year's, 1990, Great Uncle Tim and Great Grandma Teenie in her kitchen in Southington, Ohio.
New Year's 1990, Southington, Ohio. Left to right are Great Grandpa Chase, Great Uncle Tim, Grandma Bert and Great Grandma Teenie.
Photo of Grandma Bert taken the summer of 1989, probably in Cape May, New Jersey.
Grandpa Roy poses the summer of 1989, probably in Cape May, New Jersey.
uncle roy
Taken in 1970! This photo shows, left to right, Grandpa Roy's Uncle Herb, Uncle Edgar, Aunt Betty, his Grandfather Edgar Roy, his Aunt Hanna, and Grandpa Roy's father Chase, and his Uncle Jimmy. It was his grandfather's 80th birthday.
Aunt Terri at her baby shower in 1991 has just opened one of the gifts.
chase christening 02
Left to right are Great Grandma Teenie, Aunt Terri and Great Grandpa Chase. In the middle sleeping is Cousin Chase Roy Cochrun Carter who was just Baptized.
chase christening 01
Aunt Terri and Aunt Kelly with Chase Roy Cochrun Carter on the day of his Baptism.
wedding all
Aunt Kelly and Uncle Scott's wedding day. Posing with them are Grandpa Roy, Grandma Bert and Aunt Terri.
wedding terri
Aunt Kelly and Aunt Terri
Grandma Bert's step-mother Margarete, your great grandmother, and Grandma's father, Andy, your great grandfather, at breakfast with your grandpareents in 2003.
Left to right around Thanksgiving or Christmas 1989 are Great Grandma Teenie, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Bert and Great Grandma Margarete at her home in Severn, Maryland.
Left to right, Grandpa Roy (bare visible), Great Grandpa Chase, Great Grandma Teenie, Great Grandma Margarete and Great Grandpa Andy Thanksgiving weekend, 1989.
Great Grandma Margarete, Great Grandpa Andy and Grandma Bert in the summer of 1989.
In the summer of 1989, Great Aunt Mary flew from Colorado to visit Grandma and Grandpa.
Left to right at BWI airport, Great Grandpa Andy, Great Aunt Mary, Great Grandma Margarete and Grandma Bert. Summer 1989.
From back to front are Great Grandma Bertha, her husband Owen and Grandpa Roy enjoying the view from the tower at King's Dominion in 1990.
Owen Mueller, Great Grandma Bertha Mueller and Grandma Bert at King's Dominion in spring 1990.
Grandma Bert and friends pose in 1996 when they took a sponsored walk. It is obvious the young man is having a lot of fun by the expression on his face.
116-1618 IMG
Grandma Bert appearing as Cher with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble during a company function in 2001.
The wedding day of Grandma Bert's great grandparents, Julia Shlachta and Mike Kalinich.
Grandpa Roy and Aunt Terri either in late 1977 or 1978 on the Skyline Drive in Virginia.
Harry, about 3 years old. More on the grandchildren page
chase-8thgradegraduation 010
Chase's 8th Grade graduation. More at the grandchildren page
Aileen about 3 and Owen not yet 1 year old. More at the grandchildren page
Noah, about 1 year old. More at the grandchildren page
aaron 020300
Aaron, 3 years old. More at the grandchildren page
Christmas 1956, Grandpa Roy's Grandma Miller is in front, then Grandpa Roy (aged 12), Great Aunt Debbie (aged 6), Great Uncle Tim (aged 10) and in the back, Grandma Roy's mother, Great Grandma Teenie. The dogs are Tag and probably Rusty.
Jr hi grad 570600
In the 1950s there was grade school, junior high school (from either 7 through 8 or 7 through 9, depending on the district) and then high school (9 through 12 or 10 through 12, depending on junior high school years). Here Grandpa Roy has just graduated from 8th grade and is entering high school in June 1956. His sister Debbie seems uninterested. Great Grandpa Chase stands next to Grandpa Roy in front of the Southington, Ohio, school.
Great Grandpa Chase was always cold. Here Grandma Bert admires his cap and robe during Thanksgiving weekend, 1990 in Southington, Ohio.
Christmas 1990-01
Grandma Bert's mother Great Grandma Bertha and her husband, Owen,open their gifts on Christmas 1990 in Eldersburg, Maryland.
Christmas 1988, Grandma Bert's mother Great Grandma Bertha, her husband Owen, and Grandma Bert's Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve pose at Christmas 1988 in Eldersburg.
Christmas 1988 in Eldersburg, Maryland. Left is Great Grandma Teenie, center is Grandma Bert's Aunt Mary and right is Grandma Bert's mother Great Grandma Bertha.
bert sue
Grandma Bert (left) and her sister Great Aunt Sue a really long time ago.
Left to right, Great Aunt Debby, Great Grandma Teenie, Great Grandpa Chase and Grandpa Roy. The photo probably was taken in fall 1961 shortly after Grandpa Roy had begun studying Russian at Syracuse University for the Air Force. He is wearing the coat to a uniform that became obsolete only a few months after this photo was taken and was an "Airman Third Class" (one stripe).
September 1992, Grandma Bert and Aunt Kelly enter the newly built 2813 Gillis Road (Mt. Airy, MD) for the first time. Grandpa Roy was in Ukraine on this day counting tanks.
Aunt Terri in Philadelphia in 1979.
Great Grandpa Chase and Great Grandma Teenie in 1963.
Grandpa Roy about 3rd or 4th grade, before he wore glasses. Cowboy-style shirts were all the rage then.
Great Grandpa Chase and Great Grandma Teenie in 1964 in front of their house. Great Grandma is wearing a hat with a veil.
Grandpa Roy about the 5th grade after he started wearing glasses.
bert Sue cousin MaryAnn
Grandma Bert is the little girl in front. Her cousin Mary Ann is holding Grandma's sister, your Great Aunt Sue.
Grandma Bert at her first job at USAA Insurance when she was 18 years old.
Aunt Terri, Chase, Grandma Bert holding Aileen, Grandpa Roy and Great Grandpa Chase.
During an arms control inspection with a British team, Grandpa Roy had time to visit his friends for the weekend. They took him to the American military cemetery in Cambridge, England. From left to right are Cliff and Diane Stone and their younger daughter, Claire, and Grandpa Roy.
mom young
Grandpa Roy's mother, Great Grandma Teenie, when she was about 1 year old!
Grandpa Roy's father, Great Grandpa Chase, is to the far right and his father, Great Great Grandpa Edgar, is standing next to him. The man on the left is unknown. Great Grandpa Chase was about 20 years old when this photo was taken some time in 1934 to 1936. Notice their old car. Your great great grandfather was a collector of Indian arrow heads, hence the importance of this area to him.
welshfield inn-01
Great Grandpa Chase and Great Grandma Teenie outside the Welshfield Inn at Thanksgiving in the late 1990s.
Grandma Bert inspecting the layout at the Miller Family Reunion, July 1982, in Southington, Ohio.
Aunt Terri in May 1981 at the Empire State Building in New York.
Aunt Kelly when she was 17 years old posing in Windsor, England, with Grandpa Roy's friend Cliff Stone and his daughter Claire.
Great Grandma Bertha Mueller in June 1948.
This photo probably was taken of Aunt Terri inthe summer of 1976 in England when her grandparents, Great Grandpa Chase and Great Grandma Teenie, visited.
Grandma Bert trying to look ferocious while Aunt Kelly pretends to try to bring her down in October 1988. Grandma Bert was dressed for Halloween for her job.
johnny lisa-01
Great Aunt Lisa and Great Uncle Johnny Watcher pose while enjoying a picnic lunch in 1991. The dog sure wants a bite!
In March or April 1965, Grandpa Roy took Great Grandma Teenie, his mother, to Florida to visit her brother. While there, they visited Marineland of Florida where Great Grandma Teenie posed for this photo.
Grandpa Roy lining up a photo the first time he ever visited London, England, in December 1962.
Great Grandma Margarete and Great Grandpa Andy some time after Christmas 1990.
No, he was not ill. Grandma and Grandpa's good friend Cooke Barnes can sleep nearly anywhere. Here he took shelter in the shadow of the wing of an airplane at the Andrews Air Force Base airshow in May 1991 for a quick nap.
Aunt Kelly, Great Grandpa Andy and Great Grandma Margarete at the house in Eldersburg in early 1991.
bert roy-01
Grandpa and Grandma board the boat to Fort Sumter in South Carolina, March 2011.
Grandma Bert's Aunt Mary.
Aunt Kelly and Uncle Scott at Aunt Kelly's senior prom.
MOD team photo 2
Grandma Bert and friends on a March of Dimes walk in Maryland probably in May 2003.
Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy's wedding.
scott kelly 01
Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelly a long time ago.
In 1986, Grandma Bert took a flight in an "airplane without a roof," as she called it. In front of her is Millie Barnes, and to Millie's right probably is our good friend, Cooke Barnes.
A happy Grandma Bert after completing her flight.
Great Grandma Mart and Great Grandpa Jack Cambell, Aunt Kelly's grandparents.
Aunt Kelly's grandfather, Jack Campbell.
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