Museum of Osteology
Oklahoma City
The only skeleton museum in the world.

These are only a few of the photos Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy took at the Museum of Osteology.

Visited 30 May 2014
IMG 2051
DSC 0534
DSC 0536
Dermestid Beetles are used to clean the bones. In this case they are cleaning an American River Otter.
DSC 0535
African lion attacking a common Eland.
DSC 0540
Harpy Eagle and at its feet is a baby two-towed sloth.
DSC 0541
Secretary Bird.
DSC 0542
African Elephant skull.
DSC 0551
African elephant.
DSC 0544
DSC 0548
DSC 0549
Masks and tools made from bone.
DSC 0555
DSC 0561
Sumatran Orangutan
DSC 0563
Before and after.
DSC 0566
Snow leopard.
DSC 0570
Bush Dog.
DSC 0572
The big one is a Maned Wolf.
IMG 2056
DSC 0587
River Otter.
IMG 2058
IMG 2061
The Giant Flying Fox is a type of bat.
IMG 2062
Behind the Six-Banded Armadillo is a stuffed Nine-Banded one.
IMG 2063
Grandpa Roy's favorite two-letter word for playing Scrabble is "Ai," which is a Three-Toed Sloth (seen here).
DSC 0600
Red Kangaroo
DSC 0605
Platypus, before and after.
IMG 2065
West Indian Manatee.
IMG 2069
Humpback Whale.
IMG 2072