Myriad Botanical Gardens
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Visited 30 May 2014
DSC 0462
Front, low building is the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. The taller building is the Devon Energy Center buildilng, completed in the past couple years and the tallest in Oklahoma City.
DSC 0463
Map of the park.
DSC 0526
The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory
DSC 0464
There is a waterfall in the conservatory.
DSC 0473
Grandma Bert heads behind the waterfall up toward the bridge.
IMG 2026
She took this photo on the way up to the bridge.
DSC 0476
The bridge itself. No way was Grandpa Roy going up there.
IMG 2023
Grandma Bert took the actual bridge which was even higher than some of the tropical trees.
IMG 2025
Flowers reach the bridge.
DSC 0468
Grandpa's view on the ground floor of the conservatory.
DSC 0466
DSC 0469
DSC 0470
IMG 2030
DSC 0484
DSC 0485
African Spear.
IMG 2036
DSC 0486
Organ Pipe Cactus.
DSC 0487
DSC 0489
Another view of the bridge.
DSC 0488
DSC 0490
Cristata Variegata
DSC 0494
Miniature Powder Puff.
DSC 0492
Minature Powder Puff.
DSC 0495
Dragon Bones Tree.
DSC 0497
Sea Grape.
DSC 0501
Shaving Brush Tree.
DSC 0509
Banana Tree.
DSC 0510
DSC 0511
DSC 0513
Popcorn Senna.
IMG 2041
DSC 0499
They even had some critters in the conservatory. Here, a Poison Dart Frog.
IMG 2043
DSC 0517
Veiw of the botanical gardens after exiting the conservatory.
DSC 0531
The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory from the botanical gardens.
DSC 0525
Outdoor shows take place here.
DSC 0518
A sculpture called "Top."
IMG 2046
Red Yucca.
DSC 0521
DSC 0522
Russian Sage.
DSC 0532
A place in the gardens for children to cool off. Water drips and sometimes pours from over their heads.