Bill Mauldin Collection
Bill Mauldin Cartoon Collection
The museum has the largest collection of Mauldin cartoons in the nation, if not the world. A few have never been published and at least one was drawn for the museum.
Mauldin was a G.I. who drew cartoons when he wasn't being shot at. His two main characters were called Willy and Joe. At least one movie was made about Willy and Joe based on Mauldin's cartoons.
DSC 0313
Willy and Joe were Bill Mauldin's creations. They were low-ranking Army soldiers slogging all over Europe fighting the Germans.
DSC 0302
All of Mauldin's cartoon were based on real Army life. Caption: "Two used car salesmen and three veteran organization representatives waiting for you to come out."
DSC 0303
Caption: "Luger, $100... Camera, $150... Iron Cross, $12... It is good to be captured by Americans.
DSC 0304
Caption: My companion and I find these translatlantic flgihts very tedious..."
DSC 0305
Caption, "Hey, Fritz, how far are the Russians from Berlin?"
DSC 0306
Hand grenades were called "pineapples." Caption: "I feels like a pineapplbe bush."
DSC 0307
A B.A.R. was a "Browning Automatic Rifle." Caption: "Quit the clowning, Sir Willy. Where's yer B.A.R.?" Also, Mauldin's note to the press at the top reads, "Seymour, ol' sock. Can you engrave this so figures of guys aren't covered with halftone? I won't throw these at you often. Thanks, Bill."
DSC 0308
Caption: "I'm gonna send this home an' scare my gal outta foolin' around wit' garrison sojers..." Note at top reads, "Ed. note for Unifeature - they do this to little gals who 'collaborate' with Jerry. You can put it a little milder --"
DSC 0309
Snoopy, of the cartoon "Peanuts" was also a Bill Mauldin fan.
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DSC 0311
Caption: "I said, ya looked like a museum piece forty years ago, ya old coot."
DSC 0353
Caption: "Yessir, ol' B company broke another bridge buildin' record. A Kraut regiment is retreatin' across it."
DSC 0358
Caption: "Ya might hafta catch a boat. One of them kids ya chased off th' field was th' pilot."