Liberation of Dachau
The photos in this folder inlcude those of some drawings made by a Pole who endured life in the Nazi concentration camps. Some of the drawings are very graphic and disturbing. You may not wish to look at them.
DSC 0377
DSC 0378
DSC 0380
DSC 0400
DSC 0391
Story of the origin of the drawings done by political prisoner Jan Komski. The page has been brightened to make it easier to read. The drawings that follow have not, though they may be cropped or focused better.
DSC 0384
Cover of the drawings.
DSC 0399
DSC 0381
DSC 0383
"Unsuccessful flight."
DSC 0385
DSC 0386
DSC 0387
"Cemetary." (sic).
DSC 0388
DSC 0389
DSC 0390
DSC 0392
"Last service."
DSC 0394
DSC 0395
DSC 0396
"You get free through work."
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DSC 0398
DSC 0382