45th Infantry Division Museum
Oklahoma City
Your grandparents had a wonderful guide through this free and excellent museum. He was 89 years old and had fought in World War II.

Visited 30 May 2014
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Some of the photos here are self-explanatory.
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Statue of Earnest Childers who won the Medal of Honor while a 2nd lieutenant in the 45th Infantry Division. He was a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) nation. He died in 2005.
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This U.S. flag was handmade by French resistance members in southern France while occupied by the Nazis.
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World War I display representing a Frenchman and an American manning a section of the trench that extended from the Swiss border to the North Sea.
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Before Nazi Germany made the Swastika, an ancient religious symbol, infamous, it was the symbol of the 45th. In 1939, though, the 45th Infantry Division replaced it with the thunderbird (eagle) seen in the photo.
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Adolph Hitler's personal standard.
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Display includes items from Hitler's apartment in Munich as well as photographs and maps.
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Items from Hitler's Munich apartment.
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Items from Hitler's Obersalzberg residence.
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Typical mess tent display. Your great grandfather, Andrew Watcher, worked in a tent like this at the end of the war and during the Korean War.
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Stoves and grills.
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Fresh water. In hot climates a slight amount of salt would be added because it is necessary to maintain one's health.
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Each soldier cleaned his own utensils along a line like this one.
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Interesting remarks by U.S. soldiers on this captured Nazi banner.
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Mosby cannon used by the Confederates during the American Civil War and captured by Union soldiers from Mosby in 1863.
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British Whitworth Sharpshooter's Rifle.
DSC 0367
Gatling gun.
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Weapons used during World War II by the Japanese.
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German "Machinenpistole 717(r). Actually converted from captured Soviet weapons to use 9 mm. ammunition during the last years of the war, 1944-1945.
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Korean War weapons.
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One of the Chinese-made Russian designed submachine guns captured by the 179th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Infantry Division. The first one captured was sent to headquarters for intelligence purposes to study it.
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Russian Maxim Model 1910, built by the Chinese and used during the Korean War.
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