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Grandpa Roy's old high school, Chalker (also known as Southing Local High School) held an alumni banquet every year. Here a chorus entertains as one of the banquets.
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The chorus was part of the Scope RLhythm Band.
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Piano player for the Scope Rhythm Band.
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The banquet has since moved from the old high school to a restaurant.
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The band plays for the banquet attendees.
On the 50th anniversary of Grandpa Roy's 1961 high school graduation, Bob Metzendorf (with beard) and Joe Piecuch were two who showed up.
Ed Shephard was another who attended the banquet. The class of 1961 was one of those honored.
Jake Pinter was also there. Jake has attended many of the banquets. He is wearing a rose that marked him as one of the graduates of the classes being honored (50 years and 25 years).