Remaining Exhibits
DSC 0315
The main museum and visitor's center.
DSC 0262
Bust of the park's founder, Colonel Edward Deeds.
DSC 0252
Locust Grove School Number 12, it operated from 1896 to 1929. It originally was located at the corner of Blossom and Bird Roads in Springfield, Ohio.
DSC 0254
The park's restaurant.
DSC 0255
Newcom Tavern, built between 1796 and 1799.
DSC 0257
Grandson Noah at memorial to early settlers.
DSC 0258
Newcom House, built about 1841.
IMG 9108
Deeds barn.
IMG 9110
The grist mill.
DSC 0263
Full-sized replica of the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop.
DSC 0267
Full-sized replica of the Wrights' wind tunnel.
DSC 0272
1905 Wright Flyer III.
IMG 9112
1905 Wright Flyer III.
IMG 9115
Smith covered bridge. Built in 1870 over the Little Sugar Creek on Feedwire Road near Bellbrook, Ohio.
DSC 0278
Morrison Iron Bridge. Built in 1881 and assembled over Tom's Run on Gratis Road near Farmersvilled, Ohio.
IMG 9120
Grandpa and Noah make their way down from the bridge toward the remaining exhibits. Noah is wearing his gift from Grandpa's friend, Mike Coyle, who told Noah and Grandma Bert about the aircraft exhibits the previous day at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.
DSC 0280
The Callahan Building clock. It ws removed from the old building when it was to be torn down and the clock, once a local landmark, is now at the park.
DSC 0282
The Bowling Green depot, built in 1894.
DSC 0285
DSC 0286
DSC 0288
The Rubicon served National Cash Register as a "clean" (smokeless) engine for many years.
DSC 0290
IMG 9122
IMG 9127
Sugar camp/WAVES Cabin Number 22. Built in 1934 in Oakwood, Ohio, the camp housed 600 WAVES who worked on classified code-breaking projects for National Cash Register during World War II.