Approaching the promenade.
The promenade was where all the shopping, many of the restaurants and the main desk were located. Starbucks can be seen in the lower right corner. The chairs and tables beyond rarely were occupied and Grandma and Grandpa would go there to relax before shows or other events staging on or near the promenade.
100 2677
A view along the promenade.
100 2676
The champagne bar rarely had any customers, but had nice seats.
100 2675
View inside the champagne bar.
View down to the promenade.
Grandma Bert poses with the old car on the Promenade.
Globe and Atlas pub.
Art inside the pub along the promenade.
Art along the wall inside the Globe and Atlas pub.
Every now and then sculptures such as the one on the left were seen. There were numerous viewers such as the one on the right. Each had a different 3-dimensional scene, often of wildlife.
100 2679
Grandma Bert caught this guy emerging from the sewers.
100 2678-1
Almost out.