Sanford-Lee County Airport B-17 Flights
Photographed on 21 September 2014, the bomber was in 'Memphis Belle' colors and gave rides at $450.00 a pop.
DSC 0501
Passengers head for their flight. At $450.00 each, I was surprised how many were able to afford it.
DSC 0423
The aircraft already had started engines, but the camera speed made it seem the props were not spinning.
DSC 0427
Top turret for you B-17 aficionados.
DSC 0428
DSC 0430
Nose art. Though in 'Mempis Belle' markings, this aircraft is not the oriignal 'Belle.' In fact, this aircraft never saw combat.
DSC 0432
Waist gunner position.
DSC 0510
The most unpopular place on-board.
DSC 0440
Tail gunner position.
DSC 0518
DSC 0435
The 'Belle' taxis out for takeoff.
DSC 0436
DSC 0439
DSC 0444
DSC 0456
Takeoff run.
DSC 0460
Tail wheel is off the ground. We were amazed how quiet the engines were.
DSC 0464
Lifting off.
DSC 0477
The aircraft returned after giving its paying passengers a fairly long flight, at least 20 minutes.
DSC 0496
About to touch down.
DSC 0499
Port main gear touching the runway.
DSC 0502
In addition to the B-17, there were two L-29 Czech-designed and built trainers on the flight line. See the new Warsaw Pact Aircraft album for additional photos of these aircraft, as well as of other aircraft designed by non-Russian designers during the Cold War.
DSC 0503
Cirrus Design Corp SR22T
DSC 0508
DSC 0509
DSC 0530
Mooney M20K
DSC 0532
Beech 23