Albuquerque Museum Sculptures
The Albuquerque museum, a few minutes from Albuquerque Old Town, had a large outdoor collection of sculptures. Grandpa Roy photographed most of them.

Visited 27 May 2014
DSC 0023
IMG 1882
Mercy, photographed by Grandma Bert.
DSC 0007
Julia Resting.
DSC 0008
Geoffrey and Rothko.
DSC 0009
St. Francis.
DSC 0012
Rio Grande Gates.
DSC 0013
DSC 0016
DSC 0018
DSC 0019
DSC 0020
DSC 0021
DSC 0024
The Last Ride.
DSC 0026
Torso One.
DSC 0029
DSC 0031
Les Bears.
DSC 0033
Names of sponsors and patrons who have donated to the museum.
DSC 0036
DSC 0034
Bear with Planes and Clouds.
DSC 0037
Cowboy with horse. The name plate had been reipped from this sculpture.
DSC 0038
Cowboy with horse from the other direction.
DSC 0039
Tea and Steam.
DSC 0041
DSC 0043
DSC 0028
Floating Mesa.
DSC 0045
Floating Mesa from the other end.
DSC 0047
The Dancer.
DSC 0049
DSC 0050
Cervantes from the other side.
DSC 0052
And just in case you haven't seen enough of Cervantes...
DSC 0055
Park Place.
DSC 0057
Park Place.
DSC 0056
Park Place.
DSC 0079
DSC 0061
Adam's Spirit House.
DSC 0083
DSC 0084
Sheepherder from the front.
DSC 0081
DSC 0060
Numbe Whageh, Our Center Place, looking toward Adam's Spirit House.
DSC 0059
Numbe Whageh, Our Center Place.
DSC 0064
Numbe Whageh, Our Center Place. Numbe Whageh is part of a major display called the Cuarto Centenario Memorial when combined with the giant La Jornada (The Journey) adjacent.
IMG 1888
The front of La Jornada (The Journey)
DSC 0075
La Jornada depicts Don Juan de OƱate leading the first group of Spanish colonists into New Mexico.
DSC 0070
DSC 0076
DSC 0077
La Jornada (The Journey) is part of a major display called the Cuarto Centenario Memorial when combined with the giant Numbe Whageh (Our Center Place) adjacent.
DSC 0078
Many feel that Onate used cruel methods against the Indian in the area and should not be honored.
DSC 0071
Others feel that his contributions toward settling the area outweigh those methods.
DSC 0069
DSC 0072
DSC 0068
IMG 1885
La Jornada (The Journey) seen from across the street.
IMG 1887