Sandia Peak
Just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the peak is reached by the longest cable tram in the world.

Visited 27 May 2014
IMG 1849
Sandia Peak Tramway is the fastest way to the top of the mountain.
IMG 1720
A cable tram just heading out to the mountain top.
IMG 1854
Visitors must beware of low-hanging trams.
IMG 1846
Flowers decorating the tram station.
IMG 1719
Sandia Peak is within the Cibola National Forest.
IMG 1722
DSC 0919
The cable structure to the top of Sandia Peak.
IMG 1723
Your grandparents passed this cable car coming down as they were heading up.
IMG 1726
Lots of rocks strewn over the sides of the mountain on the way up.
IMG 1728
There was a very slight bump that terrified your grandfather at the first tower. Second tower, too.
IMG 1733
View out the side of the tram.
IMG 1735
IMG 1738
It's a long way down.
IMG 1741
Look at that view out the side of the tram.
IMG 1742
Of course it was Grandma who took all these photos on the way up.
DSC 0929
This rock formation reminded your grandfather of a Civil War-era mortar.
IMG 1752
Another tram approaches your grandparents' tram.
IMG 1758
You can't get views like this by standing on the ground.
IMG 1762
Almost there.
DSC 0931
IMG 1763
Just another half minute to the top.
DSC 0945
Grandpa Roy did get this photo of a stone cabin used by hikers.
IMG 1767
Do not feed the critters.
IMG 1770
A view from Sandia Peak.
IMG 1776
Ski lift cable shack. The other side of the mountain was good for skiing.
DSC 0947
Overview of the ski lift.
DSC 0951
Ski lift seats.
DSC 0946
This view of the ski lift allows one to see the slope.
DSC 0961
The sign one sees after taking the chair lift.
DSC 0957
Your grandparents hiked two of the shorter trails.
IMG 1781
An example of "flagging," a phenomenon in which the constant direction of the winds causes most trees to grown their branches on one side and to lean in that direction.
IMG 1794
DSC 0959
Orange moss.
DSC 0966
Your grandparents did not feed it.
IMG 1803
The High Finance restaurant on Sandia Peak.
IMG 1805
Grandpa Roy enjoyed a bowl of soup at the restaurant.
IMG 1807
Grandma Bert treated herself to a real Irish coffee.
IMG 1817
The view from the tram while heading back down the mountain.
IMG 1826
View of Albuquerque from the tram.
IMG 1844
Flowers and shrubs just before the tram arrived.
IMG 1840
Heading back down the mountain to the tram station.