Mesilla is an old town tourist district within the Los Cruces area.

Visited 16 May 2014
IMG 0817
DSC 0357
Scene bordering on the Mesilla district.
DSC 0358
Street scene heading toward the heart of Mesilla
DSC 0359
Grandma Bert exploring Mesilla.
DSC 0365
Grandma Bert poses at the marker that describes Mesilla's place in history.
IMG 0820
Main entrance to the Basilica of San Albino.
DSC 0363
Basilica of San Albino
DSC 0361
Basilica of San Albino at Mesilla Plaza.
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DSC 0364
Bandstand. Many festivals are held here.
DSC 0368
Another view. The young people were members of their school student council who were visiting.
DSC 0369
Some vendors were set up adjacent to the bandstand.
DSC 0378
DSC 0387
Grandpa Roy somehow managed to avoid going into the Chocolate Lady
DSC 0386
This building was once the capitol of New Mexico. It was here that Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to hang.
DSC 0380
The El Patio cantina is located in one of the most historic of the Mesilla buildings.
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DSC 0377
The buildings in the plaza all have been restored to their original appearance and today house various businesses. Today this white building is a book store.
DSC 0371
Grandma and Grandpa visited the bookstore. The ceiling had been restored to what it looked like when it originally was built.
DSC 0375
Some of the decorations and items for sale in the book store.
DSC 0374
The bison head was not for sale.
DSC 0376
Painting of a Navajo with pottery.
IMG 0821
A doll house in the book store. Barely visible in the rear is Grandpa Roy who appears as a giant looking in.
DSC 0372
"Giant" Grandma Bert looking into the doll house in the book store.
IMG 0830
This adobe building was just outside the Mesilla Plaza area.
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IMG 0828
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