Petroglyph National Monument
Petroglyphs galore at Petroglyph National Monument

Visited 28 May 2014
IMG 1889
IMG 1891
Grandpa Roy poses at the visitor center. Notice the dried red peppers hanging from the overhang.
DSC 0096
Whiptail lizard.
DSC 0098
Northern Mockingbird.
IMG 1892
The first trail your grandparents took looking for the ancient petroglyphs. It was in Boca Negra canyon.
DSC 0101
The first petroglyph. Your grandparents were excited. But more were yet to come...
IMG 1895
Grandma Bert immediately spotted some that were much more interesting.
IMG 1903
Grandpa Roy makes his way through the volcanic rock on the trail.
IMG 1905
DSC 0110
Grandpa chases another lizard. Its tail appears to be missing. But it will grow back.
IMG 1911
Cliff Base trail, also in Boca Negra Canyon, was a more rugged hike, but offered a much greater collection ofl petroglyphs.
DSC 0111
DSC 0113
IMG 1916
IMG 1917
The petroglyphs in Boca Negra Canyon proably were created between 1000 B.C. and 1700 A.D.
IMG 1921
Petroglyphs may have been a way of informing people about something.
IMG 1924
Some petroglyphs are not so easy to see.
DSC 0119
Probably a petroglyph of a snake. Was it warning people to watch out for poisonous snakes?
DSC 0120
IMG 1929
IMG 1933
The Cliff Base trail is very close to encroaching modern civilization.
DSC 0125
At Boca Negra Canyon, Grandma Bert was able to climb up the more rugged side trails of the Cliff Base Trail.
IMG 1940
DSC 0127
IMG 1948
Sadly, some petroglyphs have been defaced, which is punshable both by large fines and imprisonment.
DSC 0128
Grandma Bert aligning her sights on yet another hard-to-reach petroglyph.
DSC 0129
The tops and side of this volcanic rock have petroglyphs.
DSC 0132
More vandalism.
DSC 0133
Still more vandalism.
DSC 0145
Upon return from the Cliff Base trail, Grandpa stumbled upon yet another lizard.