Carlsbad Caverns
The magnifient caverns in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Visited 14 May 2014
IMG 0498
Welcome to Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
IMG 0501
A good, but winding road inside the park led to the caverns' visitor's center.
IMG 0503
The rock formations were interesting on the approach to the Carlsbad Caverns.
IMG 0508
The caverns are located just inside a "finger" of Chihauhuan Desert, which covers parts of New Mexico and Texas and extends into the country of Mexico.
IMG 0513
The rock formations are part of an ancient reef. Today it is considered the best example of a fossil reef anywhere in the world.
IMG 0530
Prickly Pear cactus.
IMG 0533
Flowers and buds of the Prickly Pear.
IMG 0527
IMG 0535
Little Sumac's berries can be used to make a lemonade-type drink.
IMG 0537
IMG 0552
DSC 0862
Flowers of the Ocotillo.
IMG 0543
This overhang was used as a shelter by ancient Indians.
IMG 0544
Another view of the overhang that had been used as a shelter.
IMG 0554
Park employees live here.
DSC 0865
Just inside the visitors' center.
DSC 0868
The entrance to the caverns. From the spot where this photo was taken, it took Grandma and Grandpa nearly 2 hours to reach the bottom along the narrow, winding trail inside the mouth of the caver.
IMG 0561
A view of the trail while just entering the mouth of the cave.
IMG 0562
The trip to the bottom seemed endless. And in this photo, your grandparents were just beginning their hike downward.
IMG 0564
Grandma Bert's photo reveals that it still is much further to the bottom.
IMG 0566
Looking back up toward the cave's mouth.
IMG 0569
Lighting placed strategically along the path allowed one to enjoy the colors and awesomeness of the caverns.
IMG 0573
The photos that follow are what visitors see as the walk to the bottom of the caverns.
IMG 0575
DSC 0870
IMG 0579
DSC 0877
DSC 0883
DSC 0884
DSC 0887
IMG 0600-1
This formation is called "Whales Mouth."
IMG 0605
IMG 0608
DSC 0898
DSC 0912-1
This photo shows the old way visitors used to get into and out of the caverns, via many steps. Today one can get in and out by elevator if so desired. Low light caused this photo to be in black and white only.
DSC 0915
IMG 0618
IMG 0622
Grandpa Roy really did go down into the caverns.
CSC 0921
DSC 0926
Part of the Big Room, an additional 1 1/2 hour walk. Grandpa only wanted to walk part of it.
DSC 0928
A formation called the Lion's Tail.
DSC 0930
Hall of Giants in the Big Room.
DSC 0934
Temple of the Sun.
DSC 0955
Painted Grotto.
DSC 0957
Dolls Theater.
DSC 0960
Chinese Theater.