Albuquerque Old Town

Visited 27 May 2014
DSC 0973
Statue at entrance to Old Town, Albuquerque, of Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdez, who founded Albuquerque in 1706.
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Plazuela Sombra
DSC 0978
The shops of Plazuela Sombra.
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Plaza Don Luis.
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Your grandparents enjoyed this trio at the Plaza Don Luis.
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San Felipe de Neri church.
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The church is on the National Register of Historic Places.
IMG 1862
The church dates to 1793.
IMG 1863
The church is undergoing restoration.
IMG 1864
The original church collapsed after heavy rains in 1792.
IMG 1865
The adobe walls of the present church, built in 1793, are 5 feet thick.
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View from the pulpit.
IMG 1866
The church is kinown for its gardens.
IMG 1867
Church rose gardens.
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Gate to church private areas.
DSC 0992
Old Town gazebo, the center of the original town of Albuquerque.
DSC 0995
Mountain Howitzer on display in the Old Town square. The carriage was built for the barrel, which now is a duplicate because of its value. The original barrel is on display at the museum not far from the Old Town Square. The Howitezers were used during the Civil War by the Confederates when they invaded New Mexico territory.
DSC 0001
Visitors enjoying the Old Town plaza. Both mountain Howitzers are seen here.
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Herman Blueher House
IMG 1874
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These dried, hanging chili peppers are called ristras and are a symbol of New Mexico.
IMG 1876
Many of the shops carried items, such as the hat, from the TV series, "Breaking Bad" which took place in and around Albuquerque.
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Casa de Armijo
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