Roswell, the UFO center of the whole universe.
IMG 0627
Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico, where a flying saucer supposedly crashed in
IMG 0630
Roswell gets many tourists each year because of its claim to fame.
IMG 0631
LGM (Little Green Men) were everywhere around the town, though they came in various colors.
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Roswell had more to offer than LGM, of course. This is their Pioneer Plaza.
DSC 0034
A close-up of the monument at Pioneer Plaza.
DSC 0039
In addition to some small, interesting parks, Roswell also boasts a rather well-known private military academy.
DSC 0085
They have a large, well-kept court house.
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DSC 0086
The Roswell war memorial in front of the court house.
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DSC 0093
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DSC 0092
Gun on display near the war memorial.
IMG 0684
The ACLU must have missed this one.
IMG 0685
Grandpa Roy poses in front of the Roswell city hall.
IMG 0668
Roswell has an annual UFO festival.
IMG 0669
But they have other celebrations, too.
IMG 0670
Fiddle festival advertising.
DSC 0040
But the LGM can be seen everywhere.
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DSC 0084
Grandma Bert poses with a LGM in front of a store.
DSC 0042
Some stores get very fanciful with their displays of LGM.
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DSC 0081
DSC 0044
They are even on tee shirts.
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DSC 0045
DSC 0049
Once the Air Force said what had crashed was a weather balloon; hence, this outfit for sale.
DSC 0050
So of course Grandma and Grandpa had to go to the museum and research center.
DSC 0051
Entrance to the museum and research center.
DSC 0075
This is RALF. His name stands for "Roswell Alien Life Form" and he is the museum's mascot.
IMG 0677
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DSC 0054
Recreation of the Roswell radio station that broadcast reports about the "UFO crash" until they were ordered to stop.
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IMG 0671
DSC 0057
Many years later the Air Force said the "aliens" people reported seeing were actually dummies such as this one that had been dropped in a secret test in 1947.
DSC 0059
Many people say the aliens are preserved in containers such as this at "Area 51" in the Nevada desert.
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DSC 0065
According to some, this reproduction of an Aztec carving depicts the landing of a UFO during their time.
DSC 0066
There are rumors the Nazis were working on flying saucers near the end of World War II. This diorama depicts what some believe may have happened at war's end when the U.S. Army actually captured one.
IMG 0673
A display of what LGM really look like according to some so-called eye-witness accounts.
DSC 0069
Every so often the display becomes animated.
DSC 0071
Props used in the movie "Roswell."
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Another cartoon at the museum shows the newspaper headline that dummies had been involved in the crash and a Air Force general screaming at another guy, "Do you mean we've been spending millions all these years keeping a dummy alive at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."
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