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"Berkut" Flies to Akhtuba

On 23 September, the new S-37 "Berkut" experimental aircraft with forward swept wings will perform a demonstration flight at the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense State Flight Test Center (Town of Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Oblast) within the framework of its supersonic flight test program, according to a report at the Sukhoy AVPK. 

The S-37 "Berkut" was put into the air three years ago on 25 September.  It was developed at the Sukhoy Design Bureau with a goal of working out the technologies, and also the aerodynamic and design solutions which will be used in the construction of a future fifth generation fighter.  The forward swept wing that is used on the S-37 is made from more than 50 percent composite materials.  The S-37 "Berkut" is equipped with two type D-30F6 jet engines.  Takeoff weight of the S-37 is 24 tonnes.  The maximum speed is more than 2,200 km/hour.  The practical ceiling is 18,000 meters.  The S-37 has made nearly 100 test flights through today.

Source:  20.09.00, AVN