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Tu-160 Airplanes to Reach Russia’s Air Force from OAO Tupolev

One of the Tu-160, the transfer of which is planned to the Russian air force this year, is not a newly built airplane of the Kazan’ Aviation Production Association (KAPO), but is an upgraded airplane of those built earlier, which have been used by OAO Tupolev for flight tests in Zhukovskiy, an informed source of the defense industrial complex declared to an AviaPort.RU correspondent.

According to him, the first of two airplanes will be transferred to the air force as early as in May.

The source noted that financing of the Tu-160 program remains scanty. “The defense ministry has been able to allocate just crumbs for the Tu-160 for this year. But even for their procurement ((POLUCHENIE)) one has to go through a competition, even if you are the only developer and at the same time the money for the subject continues to lay in the treasury,” he stated.

In the specialist’s opinion, production of Tu-160 airplanes hardly will be resumed in the future, however, it is also pointless.  “In the coming years a production reserve at KAPO for the Tu-160 has to be completed both to support and upgrade the existing fleet of these aircraft,” the source thinks.

Answering a question about the creation in the future of a long-range bomber and missile carrier, the source said that for the time being there is no order for a new development along these lines ((PO EHTOY TEME)). Moreover, the creation of a new long-range aviation aircraft complex costs huge amounts of money.

Source: 15.05.06, Correspondent Dmitriy Kozlov