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Ukraine Preparing to Sign Contracts for Delivery of Nine Airplanes to Laos, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates - Minister of Economics

Ukraine is preparing to sign contracts for the deliver of 3 An-140 airplanes for a total over 50 million dollars to Laos, 4 An-74 for Egypt for a total over 100 million dollars and 2 An-148 for the United Arab Emirates for a total over 50 million dollars, with a  further purchase of 15 airplanes for a total of nearly 400 million dollars, the minister of economics, Bogdan Danilishin, has reported.

According to his information, published Thursday on the ministry's site, there already are more than 150 firm orders and options for the An-148 airplane.

"A preliminary agreement already had been reached with Iran for the sale and joint production of more than 70 airplanes of this family," the minister added.

He recalled that a contract has been signed with India for the upgrade and overhaul of Indian air force An-32 airplanes for a total over 400 million dollars and with Iraq for the assembly 6 An-32 airplanes for a total of 89 million dollars.

Source: 01.01.10, Interfax-Ukraina

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