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Possibilities of Purchase by China of 30 An-74TK-300 Airplanes not Ruled out in Ukrainian Government Apparatus

During a visit to Kiev of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Aviation Liu Tzenfen, a protocol of intent was signed by the Chinese side to obtain two An-74TK-300 airplanes.  As an informed source within the government apparatus of Ukraine reported to a correspondent of the Military News Agency, in the future the purchase by China of another 30 airplanes of this type is not being ruled out. 

The An-74TK-300 is one of the modifications of the An-72 - An-74 family of airplanes.  It is put out in series by the Khar'kov aviation plant.  The An-74TK-300 was demonstrated to the public at the last air salon in Le Bourget and at the MAKS-2001 international air and space salon.  The market for An-74TK-300 in the CIS countries is estimated at approximately 30 ((sic)) aircraft, and in Ukraine itself at 240 airplanes.  The cost of one aircraft is 12 - 15 million dollars.

Source:  23.08.01, Finmarket Agency