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Russia Has Hidden its Super Aircraft

The experimental Su-37 ((sic, probably should be S-37)) with forward-swept wings will not be demonstrated at the Farnborough (Great Britain) airshow in July.  The General Director of the Sukhoy Aviation Military and Industrial Complex, Mikhail Pogosyan,  reported this today to an ITAR-TASS correspondent. 

"We do not consider it necessary to demonstrate the newest experimental development.   More advisable will be the demonstration at the airshow of aircraft which are actively exploited on the world market.  Therefore, we are planning to show the multirole reconnaissance and strike Su-32FN aircraft from the Novosibirsk production enterprise and the multirole Su-35 fighter, production of which is at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur aircraft production enterprise," the leader of the Sukhoy AVPK said.  "At the same time, it can not be ruled out that some AVPK product demonstration plans may include certain corrections," he added. 

Source:  25.04.00, Izvestiya