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First Autogyro in Russia with Vertical Takeoff and Landing Capability Created

A Novosibirsk pilot and inventor, Boris Polovinkin, has completed the first stage of tests of his unique flying apparatus.

The larger laboratories in Moscow and Irkutsk have worked on a similar invention, but our engineer has surpassed the competitors all by himself. In this connection, he has built his own “mini helicopter” in his own garage.

Boris Polovinkin worked 6 years on his apparatus. It is a unique aircraft, the first in the world in many ways. In principle, autogyros were invented a long time ago, but even today vertical takeoff and landing with these miniature flight vehicles have remained a problem.

Our engineer has assembled his own design, made some assemblies using principally new technology, and the work on the vehicle was completed at the end of last year.

Boris Polovinkin learned to fly his helicopter in fact from scratch. There were only several flights on a motorized hang-glider behind him. One may compare this with a child’s transition from a three-wheeled to a two-wheeled bike.

Only, in the child’s variant, you only get scratched when you fall, and in the helicopter training, each error can be fatal. Winter helped – a huge, level snowy space which allowed minimizing the risk.

The tests indicated that the aircraft ideally lands in the vertical variant. But the burden of the blades is not quite enough for takeoff. Although the takeoff run is minimal – literally five – seven meters. New blades are needed.

Meanwhile, our inventor already surpassed all Russian aviators. If tests with the new blades once more lead to success, then his apparatus will be the first on the global aviation scale.

Source: 09.04.07, Gorod54.RU