Forest Aviary
Not only birds, but also tropical plants.
DSC 0105
Flamingos are outside of the aviary.
DSC 0106
Flamingos at lunch
DSC 0110
A blue poison dart frog, about the size of Grandpa Roy's thumb, is on view just before the aviary doors.
DSC 0124
Blue-crowned hanging parrot
DSC 0152-1
Victoria crowned pigeon, native to New Guinea.
DSC 0101-1
Costa's hummingbird.
DSC 0111-1
Ringed teal from Central and South America.
DSC 0112
White faced whistling duck from Asia and South America.
DSC 0113-1
Unknown duck.
DSC 0141
African pygmy goose.
DSC 0145
Blue-billed duck from Australia.
DSC 0125
DSC 0129-1
Scarlet ibis from South America.
DSC 0149
Scarlet ibis.
DSC 0133-1
Fairy bluebird from Southeast Asia.
DSC 0136
Masked lapwings from Australia. Also called Plover.
DSC 0138
Electus parrot from New Zealand, Australia and Solomon Islands.
DSC 0114-1
Unknown plant, not listed on the NC Zoo Web site.
DSC 0118
Another unidentified flower.
DSC 0121
Grandpa Roy's favorite tropical flower is the lollypop plant from Peru.
DSC 0120
A close-up of the flower of the lollypop plant.
DSC 0139
100 1116
Purple orchids.
DSC 0148
DSC 0150
DSC 0146
Red-footed tortoise.