Horsedrawn Trolley Tour
IMG 5791
The trolley arrives.
DSC 0995
The conductor and guide in period costume.
DSC 0996-01
Grandma Bert waiting for the tour to begin on board the trolley.
DSC 1000
The tour begins.
DSC 1001
DSC 1004
DSC 1006
DSC 1007
IMG 5795
House built for Captain John Harper and his wife in 1903. He was instrumental in the development of Carolina Beach.
IMG 5797
DSC 1009
IMG 5798
IMG 5799
IMG 5800
IMG 5801
DSC 1013
Ellis Cottage, today a rental property for vacations.
DSC 1015
DSC 1017
Preserved hitching post for horses.
DSC 1018
DSC 1019
A surviving stepping stone, used in front of homes before the advent of the automobile for getting onto and off horses.
DSC 1020
Built by a sea captain, this house had a "prow" to make it appear like a ship.
IMG 5804
DSC 1024
The guide pointed out that some homes in old, historic Wilmington were "second to none."
DSC 1025
Similar houses supposedly built for two sisters by their father in order to keep peace in the family.
IMG 5806
Beautiful old homes and trees.
DSC 1027
IMG 5808
IMG 5809
IMG 5810
DSC 1028
DSC 0997
At the trip's end.
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