Greenfield Park
Grandma Bert insisted on driving through the park even in the rain and gloom, one of only two days your grandparents had rain during their Lowcountry trip.
Date of visit 03 May 2016
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IMG 5821
Do not feed the 'gators.
IMG 5823
A memorial erected in 1950 in the memory of all Wilmington and New Hanover County personnel who fought and sacrificed in all of America's wars.
IMG 5822-01
A cropped close-up of the text
IMG 5824
Sadly, the rain prevented your grandparents from taking trails such as this one.
IMG 5827
The lake. There were no alligators visible on this dreary, rainy day.
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IMG 5828
The garden is in the shape and layout of the Rotary's wheel.
IMG 5832
This sign gives visitors an aerial view of the Rotary wheel.
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