Lejeune Memorial Gardens
Lejeune Memorial Gardens commemorates heroes of all sorts, from the first black Montford Point Marines of World War II through 9/11 and the anti-terrorst efforts in the Middle East.
Visited on 3 May 2016
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The Lejeune Memorial Gardens are located outside of Jacksonville, NC, at the Camp Johnson Gate entrance. One does not have to go through the gate to visit.
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This coming memorial will commemorate the American military personnel killed in the KhobarTowers terrorist bombing.
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The Gold Star Mothers are those who lost a son or daughter in war. They were formed shortly after the First World War, "The War to End All Wars."
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North Carolina has its own wall at Montford Point similar to the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washinton, D.C.
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The Montford Point wall.
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A bronze Montford Point Marine stands permanent guard at the wall
DSC 0863-01
Photo heavily retouched to show facial detail of statue.
IMG 5722
Grandpa Roy poses for Grandma Bert at the "other wall."
IMG 5723
One of several trails at the memorial gardens.
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9/11 beam from the Twin Towers of New York presented by the firemen and police of NYC to the first Marines to invade Iraq.
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Path to the Montford Point Marine memorial
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Anti-aircraft gun at the Montford Point Marine memorial
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DSC 0882
Another view of the gun.
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The Gardens' Vietnam Veterans memorial.
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The Vietnam memorial, one of the largest in the nation. The glass walls are inscribed with the names of the men and women who died in the Vietnam war.
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