Trolley Tour
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These signs or similar appear on historic antebellum homes and other structures in New Bern.
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The New Bern trolley.
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The house with the part brick fence is the Palmer-Tisdale House, buitl in 1767.
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Bricks were made from crushed oyster shells.
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Stones were removed from the tops of graves during the American Civil War and turned into operating tables for doctors working on the wounded. Your grandparents saw similar tables elsewhere during their trip.
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IMG 5676
Our guide, Kathy, aboard the trolley handing out one of several sheets of interest to all of us.
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The New Bern Academy. The state's Colored Volunteers assembled here in July 1863. They later were called the 35th US Colored Troops.
DSC 0785
Originally called the New Bern Graded School. It was built about 1884 because the Academy, next door, had gotten too small. Today it is called the Bell Building and has four upscale apartments.
DSC 0789
New Bern's Centenary United Methodist Church was founded in 1772.
IMG 5679
A close-up view of the church main entrance and flowers.
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All homes in the historic district my conform to certain regulations, including materials used in restoration of the house.
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Christ Episcopal Church, founded in 1715. How colorful the entrance is with the Spanish moss hanging from the tree.
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