Aloha Zoo
The Aloha Zoo rescues animals of all types from movie makers, homes that mistreat animals and more.
Visited 19 April 2014 (and earlier, too).
IMG 0189
In front of the zoo is an area for picnicking.
IMG 0188
IMG 0186
IMG 0102
IMG 0103
Rabbits, small pigs and other "friendly" small animals roam freely about the zoo.
IMG 0104
One of many peacocks that spread its tail for us.
IMG 0109
The zoo has four tigers.
IMG 0115
Two of their tigers are the very rare white tiger.
IMG 0122
Lazy kangaroo.
IMG 0127
Each lemur had a hammock.
IMG 0126
Grandpa, Noah and Aaron pose next to some exotic chickens. Although it was Easter, there were no eggs.
IMG 0128
Waiting for the safari ride to begin.
IMG 0129
The safari ride took exactly a half hour, according to Aaron.
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IMG 0138
IMG 0147
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IMG 0153
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IMG 0182
The grizzly bear.
IMG 0120-1
It was difficult for Grandma Bert's camera to get the spotted hyenas in focus wth the fence in the way.