We stayed at this beautiful cabin outside of Boone, NC, with three of our grandsons in August 2015.
IMG 4154
Uncle John's Cabin. Grandpa Roy is standing between Grandma Bert's new Ford Escape and his truck.
IMG 4155
The lower level was the game room with a 65-inch flat-screen TV and a bathroom with shower.
DSC 0089
Living room. Gas log fireplace and television.
DSC 0090
DSC 0112
Kitchen table. The back side, to the right, was a long bench.
DSC 0092
DSC 0107
Stairs to the loft and master bedroom
DSC 0108
Aaron at the top of the stairs to the loft.
DSC 0110
DSC 0111
Stairs down to the game rooms and door to the outside.
IMG 4225
Noah playing ping pong
IMG 4229
Aaron shooting hoops.
IMG 4233
Harry at the pool table.
DSC 0082
Grandma Bert poses with a glass of wine in the hot tub. After the photo was taken, she handed it back to Grandpa because wine was not really allowed in the tub.
DSC 0097
Harry gets wet.
DSC 0098
DSC 0106
The hot tub was at the end, down on the left.
DSC 0084
View from the hot tub.
DSC 0096
Steps down to the driveway at the other end of the porch.
DSC 0085
View from the porch to the nearly hidden road down below.
DSC 0086
The trail began here. There was a rope along which one had to pull oneself up the steep climb. And this was the easy part of the trail, according to the map.
DSC 0100
View from the porch toward the driveway to the nearest neighboring cabin and the road, which is on the left.
DSC 0101
DSC 0103
The nearest neighboring cabin, seen with a telephoto lens.